3 Reasons to Have a Video Sewer Inspection Done

If you're having plumbing trouble, your plumber might recommend starting with a video sewer inspection. This helps the plumber understand the problem and recommend the right repairs. Here are three reasons you may want a video inspection done on your sewer line.

1. Find a Buried Pipe

A handy feature of a sewer camera is that it has a locating device on it. This allows the plumber to run the camera down the sewer line and then pick up the signal from above the ground. If you're dealing with a cracked or collapsed pipe that needs repairs, the camera will locate the pipe and the exact spot of the problem so the plumber knows where to start digging in your yard. Without the help of a sewer camera, your plumber would have to guess where to start digging.

2. Understand a Drain Clog

If you're having trouble with repeat clogs, a plumber may want to see what's going on inside the pipe. A common problem is tree roots. You want to know if your pipe has tree roots because they may come back once the plumber removes them. If you know there are roots in the line, then you may want to use root killers that keep roots from coming back.

You may also find clogs due to baby wipes, a collapsed drain, or debris buildup. When you know the reason for the clog, you can take steps to fix the problem once and for all and prevent the clog from coming back.

3. Learn About Your Drain's Condition

If your house is old and you're starting to have trouble with your pressurized water pipes due to corrosion, you may wonder about the condition of your drains. A video sewer inspection can show the material the pipe is made of and if it's corroded. The camera can also pick up gaps in joints that cause leaks or that let in tree roots.

When you know the condition of the sewer drain, you'll know if it's safe to use a high-pressure water jet to clear the line and if the drain is near the end of its life. A video inspection can also help the plumber determine if the drain is suitable for lining when repairs are necessary.

A video sewer inspection helps you put an end to frustrating plumbing problems that keep coming back because the most effective treatment isn't being done. The inspection can also save your plumbing from unnecessary damage. If your plumber recommends a sewer camera inspection, it's probably a good idea to have it done. You may even be able to watch the video and see for yourself what the inside of the pipe looks like.

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