3 Great Siding Material Choices for Residential Properties

The siding is such an integral part of any residential property today. If the current siding on your home is looking a little dated or in bad shape, you'll need to find a replacement. The following materials may be worth the investment because of the numerous benefits they come with. 


Since you're spending so much money on siding for your residential property, you may want to get something capable of holding up for a long time. One of the best materials in this regard is metal. It will pretty much hold up in any weather condition, including rain, snow, and extreme heat.

That's comforting to know because it means fewer repair costs you'll have to trouble yourself with. Not only that, but metal siding has a low-maintenance design. The only thing you'll have to do is keep an eye out for structural damage and maybe some dirt.


When it comes to color varieties, vinyl is superior to most. It comes manufactured in pretty much any color you want. That opens up the customization options for your home's exterior, whether you're looking for something vibrant like red or something a little more subtle like gray.

Aside from the visual possibilities, vinyl siding is also durable thanks to its weatherproof nature. So like metal siding, you can worry less about costly repairs. Maintenance is also pretty homeowner-friendly. You'll just need to clean the sides every couple of months when dirt gets caked on.


Perhaps the most popular siding material today for homes is brick. That's because it's a pretty well-rounded material in terms of feature benefits. Not only is it very strong, but it has great insulation properties. That's definitely a plus if you're looking to cut energy costs throughout the months.

There are also many brick hues you can choose from, including dark reds and light browns. Even if the color of your brick starts fading over time, you can easily have it stained or painted with another color. The visual options are pretty limitless today, much like vinyl siding. 

At some point while owning a home, it may be necessary to replace all of the siding on the exterior. One of the most important decisions you'll need to make regarding new siding installation is selecting a material. The options are pretty vast, but with the right attention to detail, you can choose something that works perfectly in terms of structure and aesthetics. 

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