Factors That Can Affect The Overall Costs Of Your Foundation Repair Project

Finding out that you have foundation problems can be devastating. This one attribute of your home is the underlying support system for everything else; if the foundation is bad, it can be the downfall of the entire house. Naturally, foundation repair can be a little more costly than something as simple as repairing a roof; however, the costs can range pretty dramatically depending on the situation.

HomeAdvisor says that homeowners report paying anywhere from $1,934 and $6,903 for foundation repairs, and you could pay this too. Take a look at some of the factors that can affect the overall costs of foundation repair for your home. 

The Severity of the Foundation Problem 

It is ever-important to seek help for foundation woes just as quickly as you realize there is a problem. The longer an issue is allowed to go on, the more severe the issue can become and the more costly it will be to repair. For example, minimal sinkage may lead to a few hairline cracks in a solid foundation, but if you do not act quickly, you can have cracks running throughout the entire house. 

The Type of Ground Your House Sits Upon 

Believe it or not, the type of ground your house is built upon can have an effect on the end costs of the project. For instance, if your home is built atop ground that is especially sandy and prone to sinkage, the foundation repair professionals may have to use soil stabilization techniques before they can begin the work on the foundation. Otherwise, any repairs would be moot. 

The Materials That Make Up the Foundation 

Foundations are most often built out of one of two materials: solid-slab concrete or concrete blocks. However, it is not uncommon for older houses to be built on wooden foundations or some other type of foundation that can be harder to repair when there is an issue. Naturally, the older materials that are harder to repair and stabilize can mean the project costs more. 

The Complexity of the Foundation Repair Project 

Some foundation repair projects are naturally going to be more complex than others. A larger home may have a foundation that is more complex, a home with a basement can be more complex, and even a home built in a certain geographic location can be more complex. Projects that take longer due to complexities are bound to be more expensive to repair. 

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