New Drywall? Tips to Paint it Properly

There's nothing prettier than a brand new wall in a home. No marks, no holes, no old paint drip marks, or built-up paint because the wall has been painted over and over again for years. If you have a new wall in your home and it's time for paint, there are a few things you should do in order to keep this brand new wall looking like new. Read on for helpful tips.

Primer First

Prime the wall first before you attempt to paint it. Priming the wall will help give it a base before you paint. If you don't prime the wall, your paint will just soak into the drywall and you'll need to add more and more coats of paint in order to get the wall painted with an even coating. Look for a primer that is a base for drywall. You can use an oil-based or water-based primer, the choice is yours.

Use Painter's Tape

Use painter's tape when painting your wall so you don't get paint on any surfaces where you don't want paint. Apply the painter's tape around your windows, doorways, and ceiling, as well as your trim for a nice straight and even line. Apply the painter's tape using a straight edge so it is firmly in place without any space for the paint to bleed into. Once you're finished painting, remove the tape carefully to prevent the tape from pulling off any of your paint.

Paint With A New Paintbrush

It's a brand new wall, it deserves a brand new paintbrush. Don't use that old paintbrush that has uneven or broken bristles. Invest in a brand new one so you have even coats of paint without any marks left behind on your brand new wall. Invest in a new roller as well, and use a good quality roller, not one that is going to fall apart on your wall, leaving behind pieces of the roller.

Don't Over-Paint Your Brush

Dip your paintbrush in your paint tray or cup and scrape off half of the paint so you don't have paint drips flying off of your paintbrush and on your wall or your floor. Apply the paint evenly and keep an eye out for drips. Blend the drips immediately if you spot any. Keep an eye on your wall as you move along to prevent any drip marks from drying onto your new wall. The same goes for your roller. Watch for roller marks or drips.

If you have new drywall, you're going to want this new wall to look its best after it's been painted. If you aren't exactly the best at painting, you may want to consider hiring a painter to do this work for you.

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