Preparing Your Roof For The Northeast Winter

When the sun is high in the sky and you're basking in the summer's warmth, snow and cold might be the last things you want to think about. But in the northeast, at least, it is beneficial for you to plan ahead. This is especially true when it comes to your roof. If you do not want to be calling a roof repair company in the dead of January, then you need to be proactive. Here's how to make sure your roof is ready for the upcoming snow and cold.

Clean your gutters

What do gutters have to do with your roof in the winter? Well, those gutters make sure that as melting snow drips off the edge of the roof, it gets directed away from your home. If your gutters are clogged with leaves, then the melted snow will get stuck in them, refreeze, and form big ice sheets on the edge of the roof. This will cause the shingles to peel, which may cause leaks. Just get up on a ladder and scoop gunk out of the gutters before winter rolls in.

Check your attic insulation

Check inside your attic, and look closely at your insulation. You're looking for two things here: First, you want to make sure there are two layers of insulation. (One layer may suffice down south, but you're in the snowy northeast!) Second, you want to make sure the insulation is still fluffy, and not compacted. If your insulation is compacted, consider pulling it out and replacing it with new insulation. If you only have one layer of insulation, unroll a second one on top. It's best to place the second layer perpendicular to the first layer so air can't sneak through the gaps between the insulation sheets.

Insulation reduces the amount of heat that escapes through your roof, which helps keep the snow from melting, which helps prevent ice damage.

Look for shingle damage

Shingles that are a little peeling and broken now will be majorly broken and maybe even missing by the end of winter. Stand back from your roof in a place that allows you to see as much of the roof as possible. You can even climb on a ladder for a closer look if you feel comfortable doing so. If you do see any shingles that are damaged, have a roof repair service come to replace them now while the weather is still nice.

If you follow the steps above, your roof should be ready for the northeast winter. Now you just need to get yourself mentally ready to deal with the cold!

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