Important Planning Tips For A Two-Story Deck

If a single-story deck is fun, without a doubt, a two-story deck packs two times the fun. Whether you have a sloped yard that cannot accommodate a large, lower-level deck or you simply want to maximize your outdoor living space, the addition of a two-story deck is a great idea. If you have plans to incorporate this addition into your home's design, learn about some of the factors you should consider.

Access Point

Before you begin the deck installation process, you should have a general idea of where you plan to install an access point. For instance, consider a home with an existing lower-level deck off the kitchen. If the homeowner wanted to add a deck with an access point off the game room on the upper level, they would need to incorporate the cost of adding a door into their overall budget. You might also find that certain walls in your home cannot support a door, so you may need to be flexible.


Think about how you want to use your outdoor space. An outdoor deck can house everything from an outdoor kitchen to a hot tub, or if you prefer something more casual, you can simply outfit the area with lounge furniture. If your plans involve a large outdoor kitchen or hot tub, you need to incorporate these additions into the design so that you are certain your deck design is fortified to accommodate the extra weight of these additions.


Consider what type of accessibility you want to have with the deck. For instance, do you want the decks to have separate entry points, or do you want to install stairs so that you can go up and down between the two areas without going back inside your home? Making this determination is important because it will determine how the deck should be designed and how much usable space you have on each level.

Moisture Control

You cannot forget to think about moisture control. If you want to be able to enjoy time on the lower-level deck when it is raining outside, you should ensure that you have the upper-level deck installed with moisture control. With this option, the deck will be equipped with an additional layer that will prevent the water from seeping through the slats. Instead, the water will roll off the deck into a drainage system.

If you want to experience the fun of a two-story deck, contact a deck contractor to learn more about your options and how to plan your design.

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