Do You Need A New Roof Because Of Tiny Leaks? What To Know Before You Install

If your roof is starting to have small leaks all over and you have many water spots around the home, it's time to talk with a roofing contractor about getting the shingles replaced. There also may be some damage at the base of the roof since there are water marks, indicating that water has been inside the home.

Budget and cost can be a problem for many when having a home improvement project done. When you get the quote from the roofing company, make sure that it includes the labor costs and the following things.

Removal of Old Materials

The company should manage the removal of the old materials, like the shingles and rotting wood. If you have no way to get rid of the items, the cost of the dumpster and the haul away should be calculated in your price.

Wrap and Prep

Once the old roofing materials are off the house the company should treat any wood that is damaged, replace wood that is rotted or warped, and seal, caulk, and prep for the new roof to go on. There is also a vinyl wrap that goes under the roof shingles to cover and protect the home and the roof base.

New Insulated Asphalt Shingles

There are many reasons why you want to get insulated asphalt shingles if you need a new roof but you are on a budget. The insulated asphalt shingles will:

  • Improve heating and cooling appliance efficiency
  • Prevent air loss through the roof
  • Stop water from getting into the home
  • Protect the property from pests
  • Shield the property from damages

Get an estimate for the cost of the insulated shingle options. There are many colors to choose from so this will be sure to match and compliment the home.

Your home will be vulnerable when you are having the old shingles torn off. You also will have a crew of workers at the property. This means that you should consider getting some type of insurance or letting your insurance company know about the project and the changes that will be taking place at that time.

The insurance company may also offer you an incentive or discount because you are protecting your home by investing in a new roof. This means a lower chance of complications or leaks that cause house damage. If you need a new roof and you see leaks, talk with the professionals that put on new roofs today.

For more information about roofing, contact a company like Par One Construction, Inc.

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