What To Do About A Termite Infestation In Your Home

No homeowner likes having any kind of pests in the home, but certain types of pests can be more difficult to deal with than others. Termites, in particular, can be quite nasty to tackle but they are also a type of pest that you will want to eradicate as soon as possible due to the significant damage they can do to your home. If you believe you have a termite infestation in your home, you might want to contact a local pest control expert. In the meantime, here are some options or ideas to start removing this nuisance from your property.

Remove or Eliminate Moisture

Termites are attracted to moisture and cool, dark places. If termites have arrived inside your home, chances are they've found someplace nice to set up shop. After you find termites, you'll want to figure out why they are so attracted to your home. If they are in your basement, they could be the result of a plumbing leak, or a foundation issue that is letting water in. If your attic is not properly ventilated, this could lead to condensation which will attract termites when it's allowed to linger.

Repair Possible Points of Entry

If you want to tackle your termite infestation yourself, you'll have to figure out how they are getting into the house. If they are in the attic, you likely have a shingle or some flashing up on the roof that is broken or decayed. It's possible you could have an air duct or a piece of insulation that's been penetrated as well. If the issue is in your basement, take a look at any pipes that lead to an outdoor faucet and check the foundation around your house.

Use Termite Bait Stations to Distract and Protect Your House

In some cases, you might also discover termites outside your house as more and more hear about your home from their friends and begin looking for a way to move in. If there is a specific area outside the house where termites are gathering, you can try setting up a termite bait station in the general area but positioned to pull the termites away from your house. With a little luck, a few strategically placed bait stations will keep termites from invading or at least keep more from getting in.

For Best Results, Contact a Professional

DIY termite control is not easy. Termites can be persistent and hard to completely eradicate. To speed up the process, contact a local pest control company today

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