Tips For Saving Money When Building A Custom Home

Many people assume that building custom homes is extremely expensive and something that only wealthy people can do. In reality, it is possible to have a custom home built for a price that is similar to the cost of buying an existing home or a new construction tract home. Building a custom home has a number of benefits, such as having the exact floor plan that you want, along with a lot that you select and all of the finishes and features that fit your style and taste. If you're seriously considering having a custom home built, use the following tips to help you save money: 

Carefully Consider How Much Space You Need

When building a custom home, it is always a good idea to consider how much space you really need in your new home if you want to stick to a budget. Adding another 200 square feet to the floor plan may not sound like much, but if building costs in your area are $100 per square foot, making your home 200 square feet bigger can result in a price that is $20,000 higher. It is in your best interest to carefully evaluate your needs and make decisions that ensure that you have a house that is the right size for your family without wasting money on space that you don't need.

Work With an Architect

In some cases, people who are building a custom home may balk at hiring an architect due to what is perceived as an extra expense. It is not uncommon for people to consider purchasing home plans on the internet and then tweaking them during the building process. However, doing so often costs a lot more money in the long run, and can also cause construction delays. When you hire an architect, your custom home builder will have professional plans to follow to ensure that everything is built exactly how you want it. There won't be any mistakes to be corrected or errors that can make the final price of your home more than you expected.

Compare Prices

When you work with a custom home builder, they can usually buy materials at wholesale prices. However, that doesn't always mean that those prices are the lowest. When you want to stick to a specific budget, it is well worth your time to compare prices on things for your new custom home. For example, it is possible to find appliance packages on clearance or flooring that is heavily discounted, and they may end up costing less than what your builder would pay for similar items. 

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