Telecommunications And Broadcasting Tower Painting Requirements

Telecommunications and broadcasting rely upon the use of towers that contain antennas. These towers are regulated through the Federal Communications Commission and will require that surface materials are painted and well-lit. These requirements will support safe and efficient air navigations.

The Requirements

Antenna towers consist of guyed and self-supportive structures. Guyed towers are thin, tall structures that rely upon guy masts to stabilize them. Self-supportive towers are constructed of solid rods or pipes. The construction design may consist of three or four similar sides that are used to anchor the base of a tower.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) prepares recommendations for the paint and illumination materials for antenna towers. The FCC reviews these recommendations and creates a list of mandates that tower owners and operators must comply with. Aviation orange and white are two paint colors that should be used when painting a new tower or repainting an existing one. The color combination can be seen from elevated areas, which will alert a pilot to being within close proximity to a tower. 

The Cost, The Application, And Testing

The height of a tower, whether or not it is supported by external materials or is self-supportive, and the surface area that needs to be painted will coincide with the overall cost of a painting project. Paint products that are intended for outdoor use must be applied to surface materials that will be exposed to the elements.

Professional painters should always be hired to perform a new paint job or to paint over surfaces that have previously been covered with paint. An electrician will need to be hired separately to address any issues with the lighting that is attached to a tower. During an active paint project, crew members will be wearing safety harnesses and may use bucket trucks and other elevated machinery types to aid with moving crewmen or materials up to the areas where the paint needs to be applied.

If a new tower is being painted for the first time, a primer will need to be applied to bare metal sections. Afterward, a couple of coats of paint will be applied over the primer. Annual inspections must be conducted to ensure that a tower is in compliance with the regulations that the FCC imposes. During an inspection, the very top of a tower will be assessed first. The sections of metal that are the most elevated are more prone to damage than the ones beneath them. If the paint has begun fading or chipping, the tower will need to be repainted.

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