A Guide To Door Spring Repair: Make Your Garage Safe Again With Professional Help

Why do garage door springs break and what is the best way to go about replacing them with new ones? You're probably asking yourself if you can replace them yourself if they break and if it is safe to do so. Well, before you go any further, you will need to know about door springs and how to deal with these issues, and you might need professional help. The following door spring guide will help you get these issues fixed to ensure your garage is safe.

Types of Door Springs

Springs, like other parts of the door, wear out over time. As the door springs age, they lose the ability to hold the garage door in place. If the door is not properly balanced with springs, it will eventually come off of its tracks. There are two basic types of door springs.

  • Extension springs —These are usually galvanized steel springs, and they are the most common. Steel springs are durable and can withstand years of use. However, steel springs do rust. Over time, rust will weaken a steel spring and make it fail.
  • Torsion springs —Torsion springs are extremely powerful. They are designed to hold heavier garage doors in place. Torsion springs should not be used on all garage doors.

Torsion springs can break at any time. For this reason, professional garage door services only replace garage door springs when the door is severely damaged or is off its tracks. If torsion springs are not replaced, the garage door can fall and cause serious injury.

Garage Door Designs: Chains, Cables, and Torsion Springs

There are also various types of garage door designs. The most common type of garage door is the torsion spring. Torsion springs are heavy-duty springs and are a component of the garage door that assists with the lifting of the door and opening it. Torsion springs operate by winding the drum of the spring, which unwinds the spring and lifts the door.

The spring itself is a coiled metal spring that can be operated manually or with a motor. These springs are should only be installed or serviced by professionals. The heavyweight of the door can cause the spring to break and cause serious injury.

Another type of garage door is the cable that is attached to the garage door and operates the door. Cables operate similarly to torsion springs, with the exception that the cables are attached to the garage door and lift the door. Cables operate by pulling the door up and can be dangerous when the cables become frayed or become loose.

Lastly, there are chains that counterbalance the weight of the door. These chains are located on the side of the door and are operated by a pulley. Chains perform a similar function to cables and can be dangerous when the chains become frayed or become loose.

You want to fix these door spring issues to ensure your garage is safe. Contact a garage door repair company, such as Plano Overhead Garage Door, for help adjusting or replacing your springs to ensure your door is working properly.

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