5 Common Roofing Problems That Require You To Hire A Roofer To Solve

Your roof is very important in protecting your home, let alone the contents inside. It is important for homeowners to select the right roofing material that stands up against extreme weather conditions which are common in their area. With roofs being exposed to direct sunlight throughout the day and rainfall, they can wear down materials at an increased rate. A major job that most homeowners will have to deal with is maintenance or repair work on their rooftops. Here are five common problems you might face with your own roofing materials:

Blisters Appear on Parts of Your Ceiling 

Blisters happen when trapped moisture is not allowed to escape but instead collects beneath shingles or tiles. When water evaporates, it creates tension and this tension pulls the roofing materials apart. Blisters can damage your roofing material and leave you with a bigger job — it may even require the replacement of certain tiles or shingles.

Your Tiles are Shifting

Shifting tiles can be caused by prolonged exposure to intense sunlight or even wind. The tiles will eventually start to loosen after a few years and begin moving, which is dangerous as it creates an uneven surface on your rooftop. You need to address this problem immediately before it becomes serious and you have bigger issues on your hands.

Your Shingles Are Falling Off

This problem happens when nails used for securing your downspouts and vents have rusted completely making them lose grip on shingles. A number of factors cause nails to rust including extreme weather conditions, salt accumulation from winter deicing, improper ventilation in attics, which causes condensation resulting in corrosion, not painting or replacing nails regularly, and more.

Your Roof is Leaking

Leaks can be a difficult situation to deal with as you have to pinpoint the problem area before any permanent damage is done. Water damage from your roof can seep into your ceilings and walls, which can cause dry rot or mold if it isn't fixed quickly enough. There are some signs that indicate where the issue begins such as dark patches of water on your ceiling or roof tiles that have lost their color.

There Are Unusual Cracks Forming All over Your Ceiling

Cracks are another sign that you need to attend to your roofing right away. They might indicate serious problems such as foundation issues, cracked beams, or joists. One of the most common reasons for cracks in roofs is the snow load which creates excessive weight on the structure and can cause it to crack under its own weight. You should call a professional roofer to inspect your rooftop if cracks appear in multiple places.

If you suspect any of these problems with your own roofing materials, do not attempt any fixes yourself - contact a licensed contractor who has experience working with your particular type of material. Make sure they have insurance so liability costs are included in their services.

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