Why Sealcoating Is Considered Essential For A Asphalt Parking Lot

Once you have had asphalt installed on your property, you will need to make sure that it's protected. Otherwise, the asphalt will begin to wear out over time and will make your property look unappealing as cracks and potholes begin to form. Sealcoating your asphalt is an investment that will pay off in the long run.

Why Asphalt Is Vulnerable

Asphalt is a durable material. However, it is also susceptible to cracks and other forms of damage. This results from snow, grease, and UV rays. Also, if the asphalt experiences heavy traffic, it is even more likely to wear out and become damaged. 

Sealcoating is an important part of protecting your asphalt. It is not expensive and will help preserve the appearance of your asphalt over a long period of time. The sealcoating will protect your asphalt from UV rays and oxidation. 

How Asphalt Becomes Damaged

Oxidation causes asphalt to lose oil. This can cause the asphalt to become harder over time and it will be more likely to wear out. This is especially true if vehicles often drive over the asphalt surface. Large vehicles, such as commercial trucks, can cause substantial damage to asphalt surfaces that are not protected adequately with asphalt sealcoating.

The Consequences of Damaged Asphalt

There are several reasons why you should prioritize protecting your asphalt. For one, you will save money because you will not have to resurface your property for a long time. Also, a damaged asphalt parking lot can turn off customers and hurt the reputation of your company. If you are considering selling your property, a buyer might be less willing to purchase it.

How to Have Sealcoating Applied to Your Parking Lot

Sealcoating ensures that the aggregates are sealed and will not crack as a result. However, you will need to make sure that you hire a professional asphalt sealcoating service and that they use a high-quality product. 

When Your Asphalt Is Damaged

If your asphalt is already damaged, you will need to have it repaired before you have your parking lot coated with sealcoating. This is because sealcoating is meant to act as a preventative measure.

If the asphalt has become damaged beyond repair, you will need to replace the asphalt first and you will then need to wait for the asphalt to cure over the course of several months before you can apply a layer of sealcoating. Then, you will be able to enjoy the protective benefits of this product. 

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