Ideas For Remodeling Your Building To Update The Look Of Your Retail Shop

Before you start renovating your shop to make it look more modern and inviting, talk to a commercial repairs and remodeling contractor. You'll probably want the work done by a contractor to ensure everything is up to code. Permits will be needed for the remodeling work, and a building inspector will check on completed work to make sure everything is done properly. Here are some ideas for transforming an old building into an attractive new retail shop.

Take Out Walls

Removing walls opens up the building and makes the space seem larger. You'll have an easier time displaying your inventory with the walls gone, and it will be easier to keep an eye on your customers too. The construction contractor has to determine which walls are load-bearing. If load-bearing walls are removed, columns need to be added to bear the weight of the roof or upper stories.

Put In New Flooring

An old floor usually looks dingy, stained, and worn out. The commercial repairs and remodeling contractor may offer advice based on experience about the best type of new flooring for your shop. You'll want flooring that's attractive and durable. A polished epoxy coating might even be appropriate if your floor is a concrete slab. A polished concrete slab is easy to care for and it also reflects light so your shop looks clean and bright.

Add More Lighting

Adequate lighting is important for a retail shop. Customers need to see colors and read tags clearly. Plus, a shop that's well lit is attractive and looks clean and shiny. You probably want ceiling lights so the fixtures won't take up floor space. You might want to switch to LED lighting and choose recessed lights combined with track lighting that can focus light on special displays.

Update The Bathroom

If the bathroom in your building is more like a home bathroom rather than a commercial bathroom with stalls, you might want to update the bathroom to give it a modern, luxury appearance. That could include putting in a new sink and toilet. You may also want new flooring that's easy to clean, such as marble tiles. Instead of paint, you may want wallpaper on the walls so you can create a homey look in your shop.

Consider how busy your bathroom is when remodeling since you'll want surfaces that are easy to maintain and that stand up to heavy foot traffic if your bathroom gets a lot of use every day.

If you're unsure where to begin, a commercial repairs and remodeling contractor can help you select the right remodeling projects that make the most difference while fitting into your budget.

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