What Says You Need Basement Waterproofing Services In Your Home?

When it comes to upgrading your house, the basement may not immediately come to mind. When it comes to protecting your property, even if your basement is in excellent shape, waterproofing remedies may assist. Basement waterproofing services may be needed whether you have an unfinished basement or a concrete slab below your main floor, and you won't even have to dig up any concrete to find these indicators.

1. Fissures in the Walls and Floorboards

The presence of cracks in your basement walls or flooring is a sure sign that you need a basement waterproofing system installed. These cracks are commonly caused by outside water intrusion and may cause considerable damage to your house if left unchecked. If you see any cracks, you should immediately consult with a professional to determine the best course of action.

2. The Exterior Drain Pipe Has Constant Clogs

Is it normal for the outside drain line to get clogged? If your basement is properly waterproofed, water should never be able to enter your home. If you find yourself cleaning out your outside drain on a regular basis, there's a good chance that something isn't working correctly.

3. High Humidity Is a Challenge in Your Home

Is the air in your house frequently stuffy and musty? The basement is the most probable cause of your problem with high humidity. The growth of mold, moss, and algae will also be aided by high levels of relative humidity. 

It's a result of this that the walls and the floor will be covered with stains. Additionally, the carpet and furniture will be covered with a terrible infestation. Basement waterproofing services should be contacted immediately if there is a mold problem.

4. There Are Weird Dripping Noises in the Basement

Occasionally, basement flooding is so bad that you may hear water seeping through your floorboards. In this case, it might be a sign that your home is being damaged by water that is leaking via foundation or wall cracks. If you hear dripping, you should call a professional to evaluate the problem and determine whether or not a basement waterproofing system is necessary.

5. The Walls Are Sagging

Expanding soil under higher hydrostatic pressure puts additional strain on the building's structure, including the floor and walls. A mason's plumb bob shows that the walls have begun to slump as a result. The floor will also grow uneven as it rises and develop cracks where the soil has either expanded or shrunk.

Moisture is a serious threat to the structural integrity of your house, and if left unchecked, it might lead to its collapse. It is imperative that you fix the damage and build a waterproof barrier as soon as possible in order to prevent further harm. Call basement waterproofing services immediately if you spot any of these signs.

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