Should I Repair Or Resurface My Stucco After A Hail Storm?

Stucco can stand up to light hail very well and there will often not be a lot of damage. However, it might be necessary to repair or resurface stucco when it has sustained a great deal of damage. Repairs are relatively inexpensive and you can fix small sections of your building. However, it is sometimes not enough.

The Stucco Repair Process

When your stucco needs to be repaired, the repair technician will chip away loose and damaged stucco. This is because the stucco that has been left behind will interfere with the new stucco that is being applied to your building. A repair technician will be able to remove the stucco without damaging other parts of your building.

They will install a metal lathe and will then begin applying the stucco. Several coats of stucco will be applied to the side of your home and the technician will then leave your building to dry for several days.

When Your Stucco Needs to be Resurfaced

Severe hailstorms that involve large pieces of hail can do so much damage to stucco that the entire surface will need to be resurfaced to restore the appearance of the building. Otherwise, the walls will be covered with craters. Hail can also create holes, can cause stucco to peel, and can cause cracking. 

The best way to have your exterior repaired is to hire a stucco repair service that specializes in repairing hail. This is because you will need to find replacement stucco that matches the sections of your home that have to be replaced. Otherwise, the new stucco will stand out.

The Consequences of Not Repairing Stucco

If stucco is not repaired, it will not be able to keep moisture out. Also, openings in the wall will allow for pests to enter more easily. Your home will also become less energy efficient. Therefore, you'll want the problem to be addressed as soon as possible.

You might not be able to have the stucco repaired and replaced right away because the weather conditions need to be right for the stucco replacement. For example, you will not want to replace the stucco when the weather is cold or rainy. Also, the weather shouldn't be too dry and windy because this will prevent the stucco from curing properly. However, with the right conditions, you will be able to repair or replace your damaged stucco and restore your home.

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