Tips For Dealing With Foundation Repair

If your foundation has cracks, or if you've noticed shifting in your house such as windows and doors that don't open and close properly, your home might have a foundation problem. Foundations can often be repaired as long as the work is done before the damage is too advanced. Here are some tips for dealing with foundation problems and repairs.

Get An Inspection From A Contractor

Cracks aren't always a cause for alarm since concrete settles as your house ages. A contractor will inspect your foundation and determine if the problem is structural or cosmetic. If it's structural, they'll determine if it's safe for you to continue staying in your home. They can also tell by the type of damage and how foundation repairs should be done.

All kinds of foundations can be damaged whether your house is on a slab, basement, or crawl space. Each type of foundation can also be repaired, and you may even have a choice in the repairs to have done.

Consider The Best Type Of Foundation Repair

Foundations can be repaired by filling cracks, lifting sunken slabs, supporting walls, and lifting the house onto piers. The contractor considers the yard space you have for working, your budget, and the type of damage your home has when recommending the best approach for foundation repair.

Foundation repairs may be done inside or outside of your house. Some are disruptive while others can be done in a limited amount of space so your yard or home is spared. However, the most important consideration is that your home is stabilized and supported properly when the work is done.

Fill Cracks At The Very Least

Foundation repairs that require the least disruption include filling cracks to stabilize them and to keep out water, and mud or foam jacking to lift a slab. These repairs may be sufficient if your foundation has mild damage. Even if foundation cracks are only cosmetic, it's best to fill them so the cracks don't get worse.

Reinforce Walls And Use Piers When Necessary

If your basement has bowed walls, you can see your foundation problems are more serious. However, this problem can be solved by anchoring the wall, strapping the wall, or inserting steel beams against the wall.

Putting piers under the house is also a more complex issue since the house has to be raised so it can rest on the piers. Piers are a common type of foundation repair and they give your home a more stable surface to rest on since the piers are sunk in the ground until they rest on rock or stable soil.

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