4 Types Of Pavement Markings Commercial Paving Contractors Can Install On Your Property

Pavement markings are a vital component in any property's exterior design. Not only do they enhance the visual appeal of a space, but they also play an important role in directing traffic and helping to keep pedestrians safe. If you're looking to improve the look of your property and add more functionality, hiring a commercial paving contractor is the way to go. They can install customized pavement markings that meet your needs and ensure your property's safety standards are met. Here are four types of pavement markings a commercial paving contractor can install on your property. 

Yellow Crosswalks

Yellow crosswalks are used to indicate a designated area for pedestrians to safely cross the street. They can also be used to designate areas where vehicles must yield to pedestrians, such as at a stop sign or intersection. Crosswalks are commonly painted yellow and can be accompanied by additional signage to further emphasize the importance of yielding to pedestrians. Your pavement contractor can install yellow crosswalks to help keep pedestrians safe and reduce the risk of traffic accidents.

Bicycle Lanes

These lanes are dedicated to bicyclists and provide a safe space for them to travel. Bicycle lanes can be painted with special pavement markings, such as green stripes or arrows, to indicate the designated lane for bicyclists. Bicycle lanes are most often found in populated areas where cycling is a common form of transportation. If your commercial property is located in an area where bicycling is popular, having clear pavement markings for cyclists can help to maximize safety and increase the flow of traffic.

Stop Bars

Stop bars are solid white lines used to indicate where drivers should stop. They are usually installed along the edge of a crosswalk or intersection and can be accompanied by signage to further emphasize the importance of yielding to pedestrians. Stop bars are often used in conjunction with other pavement markings and can help to reduce traffic accidents by providing a clear indication of where drivers should stop.

Edge Line Markings

These markings are single or double solid yellow lines used to indicate the edge of a pavement. They can guide drivers and mark the edge of a road, driveway, or parking lot. Edge line markings are often used in conjunction with other pavement markings to provide an additional layer of safety and guidance.

Commercial paving contractors can help you customize your pavement markings to meet the specific needs of your property. From yellow crosswalks to edge line markings, they have the experience and expertise to ensure your property is safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

Contact a commercial paving service, such as W.N. Yoss Construction Inc, to learn more. 

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