Finding A Custom Home Builder When You Already Have Plans Drawn

When you want to have a custom home built, the first step is to have plans drawn up. Often, you have the same company that is building the home draw the plans. Many home building companies offer a design-build service, and drawing is a part of that service. So, how do you go about finding and choosing a home builder when you already have plans drawn by someone else? Here are some tips.

Look for companies that just build.

Some home-building companies market themselves heavily as design-build firms. Companies like this may build few to no homes that they did not also design in-house. While they might be willing to build your home, it may not be a part of their usual process, so there might be some hiccups along the way. If you can find a company that never designs homes and only ever builds them, they are likely a better one to hire. They won't bat an eye when you come to them having had plans drawn already. They are used to building homes according to others' plans, so they can do it for you, too.

Ask whether they would have to make any changes to your drawn plans.

When you find a company you are interested in hiring, show them your plans. Have them look at the plans and tell you whether they would have to make any changes to the plans in order to build the home. Every builder works a little differently and prefers different materials, and some might have to change your plans a bit to make them compatible with their protocols. For example, your plans may call for basement walls that are two feet thick, but the builder you're interviewing uses a different kind of concrete and has to make the walls thicker. Make sure you are okay with any changes the builder says they'll need to make.

Ask whether they'll coordinate with the architect.

Will the builder contact the architect directly if they have questions about the drawings? Or will they contact you and have you contact the architect? It's usually best to hire builders who will communicate directly with your architect so you don't have to relay between them throughout the entire building process.

If you already have plans drawn for your custom home, talk to several building companies. They may not all be willing to build from someone else's plans, but many will be. 

For more info, contact a local custom home builder

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