Kitchen Renovations Should First Focus On The Practical

Everyone who's doing residential kitchen remodeling will want to daydream about how beautiful their new cooking space is going to be. There isn't anything wrong with designing a gorgeous kitchen. However, you should solve as many practical problems as possible. Here is why a practical focus should always come first.

The Practical Will Guide the Aesthetic

One of the simplest reasons for starting with practical concerns is that they'll guide the aesthetic elements. If your current kitchen lacks space, for example, then the practical thing is to make it more open. As you solve the space problem, that'll naturally pull you toward a more open floor plan for the kitchen.

This approach also eliminates some options quickly because they're incompatible with the practical solution. Not only does that help from a design standpoint, but it'll reduce how much your residential kitchen renovations will consume your mental bandwidth.

Avoiding Long-Term Disasters

Another reason to focus on the practical is to reduce the odds that a long-term problem will undo all of your remodeling efforts. Suppose a kitchen has plumbing issues. Worse, the homeowner treats these as problems for several years down the road. However, the plumbing will likely fail much sooner and damage all of the nicely renovated cabinets and fixtures in the kitchen.

In nearly every case, residential kitchen renovations are opportunities to fix practical issues. There is a good chance a contractor will tear out most or all of the stuff in the space. You might as well rip out the old plumbing and modernize it as much as practicable.


The beauty of a well-planned remodel is that it can sometimes realize long-term savings that'll offset part or all of the initial costs. Installing more faucets that automatically turn off, for example, can reduce waste. Aerating the system also can reduce your water bill. Adding a high-efficiency refrigerator can trim electricity costs, too. Top-grade windows can add insulation value and let in more natural light, providing two sets of savings for one practical solution.


More than most other parts of your house, the kitchen is something you have to live with. If the layout is subpar, that imposes an accumulated cost over all of the times that you so much as butter a piece of toast. An inconveniently-located entryway can make the kitchen less livable, too. Solve as many of these livability issues as possible while planning your residential kitchen remodeling project.

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