Remodeling A Kitchen In Your Rental: 4 Tips

Remodeling a rental unit is quite different from remodeling a home you plan to live in. When remodeling a rental, you often want to focus on durability, and you also want to make choices that appeal to a variety of tastes. These points are especially applicable when it comes to remodeling a kitchen. The following are some more specific tips to guide you when you're remodeling the kitchen in a rental unit.

Choose soft-close cabinet hardware.

Soft-close cabinet hardware costs a little more than traditional hardware, but it's worth it when remodeling a rental. The soft-close hardware will prevent cabinet doors from slamming shut and damaging the cabinet frames themselves. This means you won't have to make as many repairs or touch up the paint on your cabinets as often over the years.

Use thin grout lines when tiling.

If you choose to tile your kitchen floor, backsplash, and other surfaces, try to make your grout lines as thin as possible. Grout picks up and holds onto grime more than the tile. The less grout there is, the cleaner your rental kitchen will stay, and the less deep cleaning you will need to do between renters.

Make your appliance spaces standard size.

Maybe you plan on including appliances in your rentals, or perhaps you plan on asking renters to supply their own. In either case, you're best off making all of the openings for appliances either standard size or a little larger. This way, you and your renters will not have to spend more on appliances that fit into non-standard spaces. This applies to your stove, microwave, fridge, and dishwasher.

Pick neutral colors.

Choose a neutral color scheme. Various shades of gray work well. An all-white kitchen can also be a good choice as long as your surfaces and materials are easily cleanable. Your renters can add pops of color with towels and other decor. Not only will a neutral kitchen appeal to more people, but you won't have to worry as much about renters painting over colors they don't like without permission – which does happen sometimes in brightly colored kitchens.

If you are remodeling a kitchen in a rental unit, make sure you use soft-close hardware, thin grout lines, standard-size appliance spaces, and a neutral color scheme. Talk to your kitchen remodeling contractors for more specific tips and ideas. They can tell you what has worked well for other landlords.

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